Ultrasound Guided Procedures

An ultrasound aims to guide noninvasive treatments. Ultrasound may be used by radiologists to identify and analyze the collection of fluid in tendons, muscles, cysts and soft-tissue masses, so that:

1. It is possible to specifically remove fluid

2. Biopsies can be guided correctly

3. Drainage of cysts and abscesses

4. It is possible to cure certain types of tendinitis

Types of Ultrasound procedures


This operation extracts fluid from the area between the outside of the lungs’ lining and the wall of the chest.


A procedure in which a needle is inserted into the peritoneal cavity through the abdominal wall to obtain a sample of any fluid that is there.


A biopsy needle extracts tissue directly and sparingly as an especially reliable means of determining an abnormality without surgically extracting tissue.


This minimally invasive form of ultrasound produces photographs of the interior of the uterus of a woman.

In people suffering from infertility or frequent miscarriages, hysterosonography helps physicians to examine uterine anomalies.

1. Congenital flaws

2.  Masses Over

3. Adherences (or scarring)

4. Fibroid

For Tendinopathy TENEX

TENEX is a minimally invasive technique in which scar tissue is separated from the tendon. It is a percutaneous needle tenotomy (PCNT) guided by ultrasound for the treatment of chronic tendon degeneration.


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