What is a Baby Brain Ultrasound?

Baby brain ultrasounds are diagnostic tests that use sound waves to produce brain scans. Brain ultrasounds are most widely performed by clinicians on children less than 6 months of age. A device sends sound waves into the brain during this process, and a computer tracks the images they create.

Why is a brain scan of a baby carried out?


Cranial ultrasound is also called cranial ultrasound. When there is a doubt about developmental disorders in a child, physicians prescribe brain ultrasounds.

Head ultrasounds will typically help in the detection of:

1. Bleeding of the skin or the brain ventricles

2. Hydrocephalus

3. A lump such as a cancer


What is the procedure of a baby brain ultrasound?

The brain ultrasound will be performed in a hospital’s radiology department or a radiology center. The brain ultrasound may be performed on the baby’s stomach or back, or sometimes in the lap of a parent. To provide support and help, parents should usually accompany their infant.

Ultrasound Results

A radiologist will examine the ultrasound results and then your doctor will check the results and share the details. If the test findings appear abnormal, the doctor can prescribe further tests.

Is this safe?

This Ultrasound uses no radiation at all and the waves that are used to create the image are Secure and painless.

Whom to consult?

Talk to Dr. Manju Whig Singh of baby brain ultrasound, in Greater Noida if you have concerns about the baby brain ultrasound.