What is Color Doppler Ultrasound?

A Color Doppler Ultrasound is a scan to see how the lungs and veins carry blood. The research blends conventional ultrasound with ultrasonography from Doppler. To produce images, standard ultrasound uses sound waves that bounce off blood vessels. Doppler aims at how sound waves, like blood, are reflected away from moving objects.

Why it's done?

1. In almost every part of the body, blood clots and blocked or shortened               blood vessels are found, particularly in the throat, arms, and legs.

2. Test irregular veins that cause or cause other complications for varicose           veins.

3. Determine the volume of blood supply to a kidney or liver that has been             transplanted.

4. Track blood supply after blood vessel surgery

What is the Procedure of Color Doppler Ultrasound?

You’re going to be sitting on a bench, usually on your stomach. A cream may be applied to the area to be examined by the doctor or technician. This helps you move across the sound waves and allows you improved performance. Then, a delicate device will be pressed against your skin. It sends sound waves through the body as they drive the device around.


Your doctor will let you know the significance of all the photos. They will tell you what the photos reveal in your blood pressure and tell you the next actions to follow if you get the scan done to search for DVT.


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