What is Neck, Eye, Joint Ultrasound?

The Neck, Eye, Joint Ultrasound is painless and healthy. Using sound waves, ultrasound creates representations of the interior of the body. Ultrasound imaging, or sonography, is also called ultrasound screening.

Neck Ultrasound

A neck ultrasound where the carotid arteries are examined:

1. Blocked or shortened carotid arteries can be observed, which may suggest an elevated risk of stroke.

2. The Doctor may get help in deciding what form of therapy is needed to minimize the risk of stroke.

Eye Ultrasound

To assess and generate accurate images of the eye and eye lobe, an eye and orbit ultrasound uses high-frequency sound waves This examination gives the inside of the eye a much more thorough view than a regular eye exam.

Joint Ultrasound

Inflammation of the joints can be observed by ultrasound scans, particularly though you have no visible signs. This will help the psychiatrist build an accurate view of your illness.


A tiny probe called a transducer and gel mounted directly on the skin are used. From the probe, high-frequency sound waves pass through the body via the gel. The sounds that echo back are recorded by the probe. To make an image, a machine uses those sound waves. Since photographs are taken in real-time, they will reveal the internal organs and the body’s anatomy and action. They will also explain the blood passage through blood vessels.


Wear loose-fitting, lightweight clothes. For ultrasound, you may need to remove jewelry.


Normal ultrasound diagnosis has no known adverse effects on humans.


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