Breast Ultrasound With Mammogram

February 09, 2021

A 35-year-old young lady who survive breast cancer, and presented left breast mass last year. Mammography & Breast Ultrasound showed breast cancer. She underwent chemotherapy, surgical resection & radiotherapy & came for a follow-up mammogram yesterday.


We always do breast ultrasound clubbed with a mammogram as per the international guidelines. But since I insisted on breast ultrasound I saw subcutaneous tissue odema (post-radiation) with a 14*3mm sized localized collection underneath which was tender.

MORAL: Always do get Breast Ultrasound with Mammogram

Laparoscopic View of a Tiny Embryo on Ultrasound

February 09, 2021

HD (High definition) live software in VOLUSON E8 shows us the laparoscopic view of anything like a tiny embryo. Laparoscopy is commonly used for the diagnosis and treatment of gynecological and general surgical disorders, acute and chronic.

Ovarian Follicles

February 11, 2021

Follicles are measured perifollicular flows checked. Uterine anomalies were seen on 3D scan with endometrial volumes & receptivity (grades)

Folliculometry is a study of ovarian follicular growth starting from day 8 to 12. 

On our machine, we examine everything very accurately. Even the follicles on the ovarian surface can be seen & measured using special software like inversion & HD. The study ends when the follicle ruptures & the egg is released. It is viable for 36 hrs. If someone just keeps measuring only the follicles it’s of no use. The patient will ot conceive or will abort if other parameters like perifollicular flows & uterine perfusion are not adequate.


Pregnancy failure in 1st trimester

February 16, 2021

In the first 3 months of pregnancy there are various signs that tell us in advance that this pregnancy will fail. Irregular sac, large subchorionic hemorrhage, large yolk sac, or large amnion.Absent cardiac pulsation up to 5mm CRL.

Difficult & challenging to diagnose

February 25, 2021

3d shows sac lateral to the uterotubal region s/o interstitial ectopic pregnancy.

Early pregnancy at right corny of uterus

February 25, 2021

Cornal pregnancy is an unusual type of ectopic pregnancy in which implantation happens in the uterine cavity of a rudimentary horn that may or may not interact with the uterine cavity. Cornual pregnancy accounts for 2-4% of all tubal deliveries and takes place once every 2500-5000 live births.

Level 2 scan for Foetal congenital anomalies

March 24, 2021

It is done at 18-22weeks.Also called TIFFA (targeted imaging for foetal anomalies) Scan for foetal numbers, viability, presentation, placenta, liquor, cervix. Systematic study of foetal brain parts, face, spine, lungs, heart, abdomen, limbs by Dr. Manju Whig Singh.

Why third-trimester ultrasound is necessary?

April 07, 2021

Because intestinal abnormalities can be diagnosed at this time only. The baby starts swallowing fluid after 25 weeks so the bowel is filled with fluid. The above patient came to us at 34 weeks for a routine scan.We see a triple bubble sign in the foetal abdomen suggestive of jejunoileal atresia.

Breast ultrasound

Cancerous Mass Detected on Mammography & Breast Ultrasound

July 27, 2021

A 65-year-old lady with a right nipple tiny nodule since one year. No pain not growing. The rest of both breasts is normal. Very small right nipple cancerous mass on mammography & breast ultrasound.