What is Sonosalpingography?

Sonosalpingography (SSG) is one such screening test that has been widely used to look for the causes of failed pregnancies and infertility in the field of IVF treatment. This test involves the injection of saline into your uterus, which expands all parts of the organ, for finding out any damage in the uterus. Due to the safe and painless treatment, it is popular among physicians and patients.

What is the reason and why sonosalpingography is performed?

Often known as the Sion exam, sonosalpingography (SSG) is a medical technique usually used:

1. To determine the patency of fallopian tubes.

2. For infertility investigations.

3. To see the patency and work of the Fallopian tubes.

4. To observe tubing blockage or tube movement anomalies.

5. To see the structure OF UTERUS.


How is Sonosalpingography prepared for a woman?

In the mid-cycle of menstruation, sonosalpingography is preferably performed (day 6-10 of a typical 28-day cycle). Preferable after ending menstruation, but before ovulation happens. You will also be tested for infections including Chlamydia and during this process, you will be given an oral antibiotic to avoid infection.

What are SSG's risks and complexities?

Sonosalpingography is an exceptionally secure technique that is generally carried out without any discomfort. Due to the lack of side effects, it is becoming more common among physicians.


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